Bug: midi editor size

Wondering if anyone can help me with this problem or if it’s a bug or unwanted quirk re the midi editor.

So I’ve imported in a midi file, and begun creating midi drum tracks. But every time I want to go into that section to edit, the midi events are unmanageably tiny, and I have to manually resize the window. This is sooo tedious when I want to jump from section to section, editing and finessing my drum parts.

In the pics, you can see how my drum parts are minimised. The other pic shows what I’d like it to default to.

Locking the editor doesn’t help. It still defaults back to the small size also.

Is this a bug? Am I missing something? Thx in advance. Cheers.

So I’ve since discovered this is a known bug carried over from Cubasis 2 (thanks to MobileMusic over at the Audiobus forums). However, its not listed as a “known bug”. I’m fairly confident @LSlowak would be aware of it (right Lars?).

Yes I noticed this when I first started doing some drum editing in C3, annoying. I don’t think it was as bad as this in C2 though. Definitely worth an ‘official’ bug report.

Hi all,

The issue has been shared with the team.