¿Bug? MIDI metronome needs to be relinked everytime


I know there is a bug reporter about the Click. Lately, I’m using a VI as MIDI target for metronome (Groove Agent One), but it needs to be relinked every time a reload the project. Anybody has found the same issue?



Yey, everybody can confirm this… at least every one who uses a vsti for clicktrack. Not a showstopper but most anoying.

And the pure joke is that this is a bug since years and it can only be fixed by a complete redesign of the audioengine…

Well, setting up a miditrack is not a real option… because when you deal with countless metric/tempo changes it needs some time to set up midi with accentuated “one” - imagine parts made out of 2x4/4, 1x3/4, 1x7/8 and so on. Not unusual in tech deathmetal. And you need internal click for the “precount” option which I use quite often, imagine a change from 134 to 210 bpm - the guitar player does better when having 2 bars of 210 precount for punch-in.

So, Steinberg - if you read this - please fix it, I can’t belive that this needs a full redesign, this is a most annoying bug because you WILL forget after opening a song - and then the musician stops after a few seconds “can you give me the click??!” …

This has got to be one of the most unbelievable legacy bugs in the catalog. I’ve posted several times about it myself. Yes, it’s probably better to DIY your own when dealing with multiple time changes and odd bar changes (it’s asking a lot out of a simple metronome to know what to accentuate in that context) but a simple metronome should be available and 100% reliable.

A workaround: loopback midi and send MTC from Nuendo to Reaper and use Reaper’s metronome. Yes, silly indeed…

Another way:

Create an “ideal” click as a file, and link to THAT. This, for me, works and does not get unlinked.

You can have two files, one for down beat and one for the rest.


I don’t really get it. Could you explain it a little more?


Got it, thanks!

Another way: make a REX version :slight_smile:

Yes you can make an audio track, but I didn’t mean that - i explained badly. Audio track is a good plan when you are ready to make proper click tracks for a session.

I meant this:

In Metronome setup you can click a little box that lets you specify a sound file (ie a Wav) that’s on your hard drive. In effect the metronome acts as a sample re-player. You can pick separate files for bars and beats. By “ideal Click” I meant create a small file that will be the click sound. I use a sort of vomitty burst of white noise. I find players prefer a non-tonal-specific sound, that’s not to harsh (and also doesn’t spill on cans).

For me this is pretty solid. Never had an issue. I then turn off the beep and don’t use the MIDI option.

Is this helping or are you all ahead of me here?



I solved this using the audio track trick :slight_smile:

Anyway, it’s quite painful

Damn! I was thinking about using Control Room soon…

I don’t use it through CR, other than having it up on my Studio Monitors (which is via CR).

For me I don’t seem to get problems using the audio file trick. But I might have a look and see what happens if I send out click on studio sends and stems.

I’ll get back here later…

The metronome is seriously broken, and the main reason I’ve never bothered to use/explore the Control Room to its full potential.

Can you be more specific please? Only if you have time…