[Bug] Midi Notes remains Colored beyond selection part in Cubase 9.5.10

Midi Notes remains Colored beyond selection part of Event After Updating to Cubase 9.5.10.

Please See Attachment no. 1 & 2 for Better Understanding the Issue.

Here is that Issue’s Storyline…

1.Record a midi event.
2.Open in Key Editor (in new window or Lower Zone , Doesn’t Matter)
4.Select part — > for Example…
Event is of 3 Bars that is Bar no 3,4,& 5.
But i want just 1 bar out of it, i choose and select Midi notes between Bar 4 to 5 through selection lines. the data on 3rd bar seen unselected and greyed.
But now, Data on first beat of 5th bar ( remains colored and look like it’s in selection.
5.However, it sees like selected but is not going to sound/played. (Thank God.)

i search for this bug in already created Topics, but i didn’t find anywhere.
Steinberg…Please Help.

steinberg pleeasse reply

see https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=253&t=129761&p=702892