Bug: Midi Remote "Transport" - "Step Bar" and "Step Back Bar"

I have an application, where I use “Transport” “Step Bar” to navigate in the project.

In the old Generic Remote, I can send “Step Bar” as fast as I want and if I fire it 50 times, the song position has moved 50 times.

When I use the “Transport” “Step Bar” in the new Midi Remote, it swallow events, when send quickly. So when I am at the song start and want to bar 100 and fire “Step Bar” 100 times, I am still at the beginning of the song. One “Step Bar” gets executed, the others get swallowed. A delay of about 50ms between the “Step Bar” commands would be needed for reliable operation. But that would result in 5sec instead of going to Bar 100 intermediately.

I hope that this problem is solved, before the old Generic Remote gets remove.

To help answer, are you saying this is an application in the sense of executable, or do you mean in the sense of a use-case or workflow?

By what method do you invoke the command?

It is an executable using a virtual midi cable to connect to Midi Remote. And the important thing is the speed, at which MIDI messages need to be sent. With old Generic Remote, I could send message very fast and no message was dropped/ignored. With new Midi Remote, I need to send message very slowly, otherwise many message get lost and never executed by Cubase.

Here is an excerpt from my script.

var buttonTransport_StepBar = deviceDriver.mSurface.makeButton(6,1,1,1)
buttonTransport_StepBar.mSurfaceValue.mMidiBinding.setInputPort(midiInput).setOutputPort(midiOutput).bindToControlChange(0, 2)
page.makeCommandBinding(buttonTransport_StepBar.mSurfaceValue,'Transport', 'Step Bar')

var buttonTransport_StepBackBar = deviceDriver.mSurface.makeButton(7,1,1,1)
buttonTransport_StepBackBar.mSurfaceValue.mMidiBinding.setInputPort(midiInput).setOutputPort(midiOutput).bindToControlChange(0, 3)
page.makeCommandBinding(buttonTransport_StepBackBar.mSurfaceValue,'Transport', 'Step Back Bar')