[bug] MIDI Sends display issue in Inspector

MIDI Send Inspector interfaces are being obscured by the panel, which fails to expand.

  1. Create a MIDI track, make sure the Inspector is open and that MIDI Inserts and Sends are showing (right-click to change this).

First, how it should work:

  1. Open up MIDI Inserts in the Inspector and add a MIDI Modifier in Slot 1.
  2. Open the interface (e). See how the remaining slots are pushed down to make room.
  3. Repeat with Slot 2, the same thing happens.

Now, how it doesn’t:

  1. As above, open up MIDI Sends in the Inspector and add a MIDI Modifier in Slot 1.
  2. As above, open the interface (e). The available space is not expanded and the slots below are obscured.
  3. Repeat with the remaining slots. With Slot 4 you can’t even see the interface controls.

(With a previously existing track, instead of the interfaces disappearing into the panel they displayed but were partly obscured by the lowermost graphic (the horizontal bottom bar) of the panel as shown when all the slots were empty. Haven’t been able to reproduce this with the new track but the two behaviours look like they may have a common cause.)

Can anyone confirm this and if so help bring it to Steiny’s attention? It’s not always practical to have the floating interfaces open so I depend on the Inspector when available.


Bump. Doesn’t anyone else use MIDI Sends?

See this post for another example, this time with EQ. http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=10280&p=67859#p67758

The bar across the graphic that the EQ post shows is what I was trying to explain above in he first part and is now illustrated in the attachments below. Whether the bar appears depends on what was open previously but it’s hard to reproduce.
MIDI Sends not displaying properly 2.JPG
MIDI Sends not displaying properly.JPG

Confirmed here (but, as you said, at least there is a workaround…Alt-click on the “e” button, to open the MIDI Modifier’s floating window).
As per your other report, about a similar problem with the EQ Curve, there are several other instances which prevent stuff from being properly displayed in the Inspector…
Why on earth can’t the Inspector have its own vertical scrollbar?

Yes indeed, Vic.

Hope to keep this alive till it attracts an official response, especially as it appears to be more widespread. Just the sort of thing to get fixed in a patch, such as is about to happen. Pity we’re probably a bit late for this one but I hope we can get an acknowledgement at least for the next.

I don’t know how I lived without MIDI Sends for so long…

Confirmed (29076)


Thanks, JHP, good to hear from you! And if you manage to get it in on the 03 update I shall have you officially declared “wundermensch”. :smiley: