Bug: Missing accidental in transposed pitch

On some occasions, I find that there is an accidental missing in transposed pitch. Here’s one example case.

I’m writing in F major, for Bb clarinet. There are three B naturals in the score:
In the clarinet part these should be C sharps. However, only the third C has a sharp. The first two are missing:
Clarinet part.png
I’m using Dorico on macOS 10.12.1. The file is attached.
Incorrect clarinet transposition.dorico.zip (325 KB)

That’s odd: I find the opposite!

Well, that’s quite strange indeed. Here’s some more information.

I attached two Dorico files, both with just one B natural whole note. At least in my copy of Dorico, one of them shows C sharp in the clarinet part, and in one of them it is missing.

Both times I entered the note in score, and then went to the part to see if it worked. The only difference is in if I applied the natural before or after creating the note. If I enter the natural first by typing 0 and then B, it works: I can see a C sharp in the clarinet part. But if I first enter B, then select the note, and then type 0 to add the natural, it doesn’t work.

Also, in the not-working example, if I explicitly set the accidental to be shown in the properties panel, like so:
Explicitly show accidental in score.png
Then the accidental does become visible in the part also, but it is a natural - and not a sharp, as it should be:
Explicitly show accidental in part.png
Missing accidental and working version.zip (649 KB)

Sorry that I didn’t come back to you on this topic for two weeks now, but I just wanted to confirm that this problem has been fixed for the Dorico 1.0.20 update, which is coming soon, so hopefully it won’t trouble you further once the update is available.