BUG: MixConsole Visibility not stored when Enabling/Disabling Instrument & Audio Tracks

This issue renders the MixConsole visibility configurations completely useless in a modern orchestral template philosophy that most people are now using, using a large template with disabled tracks that is enabled when needed.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create an instrument track.
  2. Open MixConsole.
  3. Hide the track and save a visibility configuration.
  4. Disable the track in the Project Window.
  5. Enable the track in the project window.
  6. Observe that the track is now back in MixConsole.

This does not happen with MIDI Tracks.

The bug was first reported 2 years ago in Cubase section of the forum (nothing in Nuendo, that’s why I’m writing it up again).


That’s quite annoying when working on large projects in general.