Bug: modifying note lengths in two different layers simultaneously does not behave properly

Initial State:

Option-Shift-Right Arrow:

Option-Shift-Left Arrow:

Edited: i swapped two of the screenshots by accident

You have that half rest selected as well, so it’s extending upstem voice 1 AND pushing it to the left. You’re increasing the value of the rest as well as the notes. Not a bug.

that’s not exactly what’s happening here:

From initial state to Option-Shift-Right Arrow, the upper layer is not extending its length - it’s shortening the length by one sixteenth note by shifting the initial attack from beat 3 to the “e” of 3. Note that the end of that layer has not been pushed at all

I also conjecture that rest length isn’t the issue here since Option-Shift-Left Arrow state does not modify that initial rest value in either layer, but instead behaves as intended - both the upper and lower layer decrease their note length by one sixteenth note, but the upper layer retains its offset of one sixteenth note.

Dan’s right - this is happening because you’ve got the minim rest selected. This is important for two reasons:

  • the rest is only in the upstem voice (the rest in the downstem voice is suppressed by the presence of the other rest), so only the upstem voice is affected when the rest is elongated
  • notes that are overwritten by the extension of a preceding note/rest will not themselves be extended, so the upstem voice doesn’t get longer in the way that the lower voice does

aaaaah got it. Thank you both.