[BUG] Monitoring fader moves while in Trim mode not working!

Monitoring while writing volume automation in Trim Mode is not working. No change in monitoring levels while writing fader moves. Only plays the new levels during playback AFTER writing automation, not while you are writing automation with the fader, making Trim mode impossible to use.

I can’t work without Trim mode. It is integral to my process.

Could someone else on the Mac please confirm?

Mac 10.13.5
Nuendo 8.2.10

You have to activate “Fill Loop” or “Fill to end”


I am writing fader moves while recording Automation in play mode. I’m sorry if that wasn’t clear. The levels do not change while I am moving the fader while writing automation in trim mode. You can see the automation line being written, but you cannot hear the changes.

Confirmed. Completely and utterly broken. Add another automation issue to the ever growing list…

  • Create track
  • Insert test generator
  • Create initial automation point so there is something to trim
  • Activate trim mode
  • Write trim automation over existing automation
    –> No audible changes occur during write and it’s only on playback that you can hear them

Thank you.

Confirmed here as well on 8.2 - Mac 10.12.6

Confirmed here on Win10.