BUG: Monophonic Mode on Sampler Track not recalled when opening project


  • Monophonic mode of the sampler track is not recalled when opening or reloading the project / pc cold reboot / restarting cubase


  1. Create sampler track and set sample to monophonic mode (in this case I’m using an 808 bass/kick sound)
  2. Close project, restart pc or restart Cubase
  3. Bug identified as above - monophonic mode not functioning even though it appears that the button is toggled on

Current temporary solution: toggle monophonic mode off and on again. Bug persists even after saving, closing and reloading the project file.



I’m having the exact same issue, says it’s on monophonic mode but resets everytime you reload the project. Super jarring when you load up your project, press play and hear all those 808’s trampling all over each other - hope you have a limiter or some speaker protection on the master out!

I’ve also noticed that you can’t view or edit the sample by double clicking on the region with the sample track midi data, you have to havethe sample track selected in the project window, or else it says ‘no sample loaded’ - I’m sure it didn’t do this in 9.5.