[Bug] Move to staff above command seem not to be working properly

I’m using the function move to staff above and below to rearrange some music material. My keyboard layout is in Spanish and I’m on macOS Sierra, and oddly when I type option+N, nothing happens. Option+M to move to the staff below seems to work fine. I cannot recall that Option+N is mapped to any system shortcut or something similar.
Captura de ecrã 2018-12-10, às 17.18.06.png

I wonder whether Opt+N is producing some kind of dead key combination on your Spanish keyboard layout? If you try reassigning the command to another key combination, e.g. you might try Control+N, does it work as expected?

I haven’t yet tried this, which I will tonight, but switching it to another keyboard (I’ve tried Slovak) makes it work fine, so I guess this rules out the “assigned to something else system-wide” option.

Hello Daniel. This is what I’ve discovered so far setting keyboard shortcuts.
First of all, I’ve changed the keyboard layout from default to Spanish, with no effect (I guess because Spanish is the default one).
Using the keyboard layout viewer, I see that in the Spanish keyboard, if I type opt+N that key is assigned to a whitespace.
spanish keyboard.png
When I type the Opt+N command, it registers it properly, but then it doesn’t work.
When I type any other command (I’ve tried cmd+shift+M ) it does work.
BUT when I type Cmd+Opt+N (the first that I’ve tried) it registers it as Cmd+Space! Here in this screenshot you see which keys I have pressed and which keys appear in the shortcuts text box.

Hope this helps!

Yes, I’m certain this is because Opt+N produces a dead key on the Spanish keyboard layout. We’ll make a note to look into an alternative shortcut for this command in Spanish in future, but for now, I suggest you choose another combination that works.

Ok, thank you.
The curious thing is than if I type opt+N in the shortcuts dialog, it’s recognised as such, but it does nothing. If I type cmd+opt+N it’s not recognised as such, it is as cmd+space. Strange…

The mysteries of how Qt handles key combinations for accented characters/dead keys on macOS are many and varied, and are mostly outside of our control. You should nevertheless be able to find plenty of combinations that work.