*BUG* Multiband Comp N5.5 to 5.1

Try this:
-New session in N5.5.
-One track with multiband comp on insert.
-Put one band in solo.
-Save/close/quit & re-open in 5.5.
Everything as it should.

Now open this session in 5.1.1
Not only is the soloband of the MB not on (it appears to be, according to the GUI, but soundwise it’s not)
Also the split-frequenties are different than in 5.5 !!

Anyone care to try this ?


Is this really a bug though?
When you open a 5.1 project in 5.5, and hit SAVE you will trigger a warning that overwriting might cause problems if you need to go back to 5.1, and to maybe save under a different name to be safe.
5.5 has a lot of changes which is why it installs to a different folder - and going backwards a version is always problematic no matter what application we are dealing with.

WHat happens if you save the MB preset, and then open that in a new instance in 5.1?

Haven’t tried that 5.1 preset saving thing.Thx for the tip.
BTW I did not hit save in 5.1, just opening the session in a N5.1 gives this result.

But shouldn’t there be some kind of warning by Steinberg,
that their own plugins(or at least the MB) are not compatible with the new 5.5 version ?

Didn’t find anything in the “Issues.pdf”