[Bug] Muted keys when using transpose in prev slot

Reproduction (start with a fresh instance of HS):

  1. Load a program into slot 1 (I used “Bell choir”).
  2. Load a second program with expression key switches into slot 2 (I used “P-Bass RW Pick Studio”)
  3. Go to MIDI page. Set ‘Transpose’ for our bell choir in slot 1 to +12.
  4. Create a MIDI track assigned to channel 2. Play the bass sound.

All bass notes below A1 are muted, because HS somehow ‘thinks’ that the expression keys of slot 2 had been transposed. But in fact they are not, because the MIDI transpose was set for slot 1, not for slot 2.

Use the Program / Range values of the Bell Choir program to transpose it, and keep away of the transpose value on the MIDI page in general until this is fixed.

Please confirm.

Noone can confirm this?

Hi Timo,

I can confirm it. :bulb: BugID 3834
Thanks for reporting. We’ll try to provide a fix with the next update.

best regards

Hi Gerrit,

well it has been some time since my report it seems. Any news when an update will be available that fixes this nasty bug?


Seems to be fixed with v1.6. Thanks.