[Bug?] Mystic doesn't load correct sound in Cubase 6.06

When opening a song (previously created with cubase 5) in cubase 6.06 the softwaresynth Mystic does not load the correct sound and sounds totally different!

When opening the same song in cubase 5 Mystic sounds is correct.

Workaround for Cubase 6.06: After reloading Mystic preset sound (VSTPreset) the sound is correct again.
But you need the VSTPreset! if you haven’t saved the VSTPreset in Cubase5 there is no way to get the correct sound from Mystic right out of the Cubase project file!

Tested with Cubase 6.06 (32bit) on Win7 64bit

Anyone can confirm this?
Please, Steinberg look into this!

Cheers, Felix