[Bug] - navigation and window bugs

Hi Guys,

I’m having a few issues with 8.5 pro on my shiny new Mac:)

-I tend to use the middle mouse button a lot to drag and navigate around a session. When I used to do this on my PC, the update is quite fast.
On the mac it is significantly slower, but more annoyingly, the window often snaps back to the previous position when the mouse button is released, making this feature rather useless.
This happens both on a stopped session or during playback, though it is much worse during playback as for some reason the manual scrolling doesn’t override the automatic scrolling that happens during playback (it seems to do on the PC)

I’ve also tried scrolling with my magic track pad, which works slightly better but still causes the scrolling to occasionally snap back to a previous position.

-I have a 3 monitor setup (the main mac 5k screen with 2 additional Dell 2560x1440 screens via TB), and windows do not get restored correctly, despite creating a global window preset.
In particular, the mix console windows never seem to go back to where they were; I have two (one for the master section on the right monitor, and a full screen mixer on the left monitor), and both either revert to the main screen (the full screen mixer) or to the side of monitor they should be on, but in a different position.

I’ve tried creating a number of presets to test this, and it fails on all of them to restore mixer windows correctly.

-there’s also a bug with the selection caret on audio tracks when resizing multiple tracks; the vertical line that hovers over audio parts to denote where you can cut for example.
On quite a few instances, after scrolling or resizing tracks, the line is offset and halfway below the audio part, overlapping onto the next track. Resetting a zoom often corrects this.

-redraw issues - when sizing or cutting audio parts, there seems to be a lot of redundant redrawing going on, albeit very slowly - I’ve had a few instances where when selecting and resizing a part, it disappears briefly before being redrawn, albeit slowly.

Sad to say that graphical Mac performance is still very slow compared to the PC, though audio performance seems to be roughly on a par.


What mouse do you use, please?

Yes, I can confirm this. The Automatic scrolling is nit disabled, when you just hover over the Project window and use scroll wheel. To switch the Auto Follow Off, you have to use the Project window scrollbar. I think this is because of different handling of mouse position and scrolling in general on OS level (between Mac and Win).

It has been already inserted as a Feature Request for Mac.

This is a known issue.

Hey Martin, thanks for your reply.

I have a Logitech G500 mouse, with the Steermouse driver (as Logitech’s own is absolutely useless).
This middle button scroll issue seems to be Cubase issue though, I’ve not experienced it in other programs.

When using the Magic Trackpad 2, I run into similar issues.