[Bug?] - New tab opens wrong layout when two layouts with same name

I’m writing only to report a bug.

I have two sets of players, one is an orchestra the other is an ensemble. Because of that I have two layouts called Flute. When I open a new tab and select the second layout, the part that opens is in fact the first layout. The correct layout only opens when I change it using the selection option on the top of the software.

Attached is a file that reproduced this behaviour.

And I made a video showing it: https://youtu.be/RUK_MTJim1o
New-Tab-Problem.zip (303 KB)

Thanks for reporting this – I can reproduce the problem and I’ll make sure it gets fixed in a future update.

Of course, having identically named layouts may cause all sorts of confusion, such as which exported PDF file is which, which printed part is for which player, or even remembering which one you’re working on!