[BUG] No folder shown in Project Template folder

Started with my new Nuendo and wanted to create some project presets like I did with cubase.
To keep them organized I use subfolders like I do in cubase. But this does not work. This was my first
action with the software and I found a bug. Anyone else?

Nuendo 8.21

How to reproduce it:

  1. File - New Project - empty

  2. Set Project Folder (System (C:)\tmp) - OK

  3. Folder - Save as Template - New Folder (make one) - Create new folder, Name ABC
    => see

    ; now two folders ABC are shown, but only one was created. Question: Which one is valid?
    => I take the first one, navigate to the top folder ABC

  4. New Preset - I choose test1 and OK

  5. close project without saving (don’t save) by clicking on the X in the window

  6. close Nuendo by clicking on the X in the Nuendo window

  7. Start Nuendo again

  8. File new, New Project
    => Question: where is my new preset??? See

Folder ABC exists, see

. File exists, see Project_templates_04.jpg
(=>next post because of 3 files limit here).

The file was saved, see


Yes, confirmed. Create a folder when saving but not seen when starting New Project.
Off Topic: Still need to be able to Save As Template with option to exclude media. PLEASE.

Nuendo is great,