Bug? Note Expression Data - Midi Insert Plugins dont work?

because i´m using some MPE midi controllers, i switched from recording midi with traditional CC lanes to record them as Cubase Note expression, my MPE controllers usually send CC74, Pitch Bend and Aftertouch per Note, so editing all these data via Note Expression works great and keeps it neat and tidy.
However, it seems there is an issue with Midi Insert Plugins, i also use the Midi Insert “Transform” to be able to filter or adjust these (when needed) CC#74, Pitchbend or Aftertouch per track. because sometimes i dont want that Pitchbend per Note hitting the VSTi at all (for example)

When i play live through the midi track via monitoring on, the midi inserts works very fine, the midi insert “Transform” works perfectly as intended, and filter these, but as soon as i playback the recorded miditrack, the midi insert effects will not have an impact anymore and wont affect the note expression data saved to each note it seems.

is there any fix or workaround to this?

of course i could now permanently delete this CC data from those tracks that i wanted to filter via the Tranform Insert, but actually i dont want to do that and preserve the original recording.


follow up on this one.
i did check the midi track with recorded note expression data via midi monitor, it only shows the note on/off in the midi monitor, but does not show Aftertouch, Pitchbend, CC74 at all
conclusion: the note expression data is somehow else sent to the routed VSTi cubase internaly because the VSTi is getting and playing all these data.

Test 2: instead of setting the output of the midi track to the Vsti, left it unassigned, then using midi sends and assign the VSTi on Send 1., then midi monitor on the send is showing the Note Expression Data of CC#74, Aftertouch and Pitch.

if the Midi Send is set to Post Midi Insert, then i can actually use the Midi Insert Plugins again and they affect the signal that is routed on the Midi Send.

still weird, isnt it?


To me it looks like the data are send as any kind of VST3 parameter to the plug-in, not as a plain MIDI data.

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thank you very much for your reply @Martin.Jirsak,
do you know/think if there are any features on the roadmap that would allow adjusting or filtering these Midi Expression Data per Track like you could do with Midi Insert Plugins?


The only way I know is to disable the given Note Expression in the Key Editor’s Inspector.

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thank you very much, i will have a look at this