[BUG] Nuendo 10.3 and CC 121 ((V 1.7.7)

I have an issue with Nuendo 10.3 and CC 121 (V 1.7.7) on win 10 64 Bit pro Laptop.

Nuendo recieves the commands sent by CC121 correctly - fader movements, jog wheel, control buttons etc. works as it should.
However cc 121 doesn’t recieve the commands sent back by Nuendo .
When moving a fader in Nuendo 10.3, the hardware fader of cc 121 doesn’t move at all.
Am I the only one, who has this issue?
Any suggestions?

did you connect your power adapter?
the motorfader needs it to work at all…

You are right!!!1
Before that I was tinkering with power supplies and forgot to plug CC121 Power Supplay back in. :laughing: Silly me

sometimes it’s easy :bulb: