Bug: Nuendo 12 CSV Markers not importing all markers

I just tried to import a CSV marker in Nuendo 12, but it misses more than half of the markers. In Nuendo 11 it works as expected. Cany anyone confirm this?

I’m on Windows 10, I just exported the markers from Nuendo, added track titles in excel and saved as CSV to re-import in Nuendo.

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But if you load the unedited file, then it works?
Maybe the layout is destroyed when saving in Exel. Sometimes it fails already at a wrong character. Have you ever compared the original with the edited file (e.g. with Notepad)? Whether there is a serious difference after saving.

I just tried loading the original unedited file and even there it doesn’t show all the markers. Everything works fine in Nuendo 11 so something must have changed since version 12.

I’m having the same issue here. Ive gone back to 12.4 and seamed to have fixed it although I did toss all my preference files. I was also having issues importing tracks from other project not loading at all, tried the same thing with the same session in N11 and no issues

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Then something must have been screwed up during the last update.

I’ll try to reproduce the problem: Do you use any special characters in your descriptions? How many entries do you have on average in the list? (Does the problem only occur with very long marker lists or with every marker list?) Also: Were the markers created with Nuendo 11 and then problems occur when importing them into Nundeo 12? Or does it also happen with markers created with Nuendo 12?

this was meant to be an example to import a csv file, made from open office spreadsheet. I`tried many variations when creating the csv file. Nuendo 11.0.41 just dont want it. any ideas?

I can confirm that… Its a Bug