BUG: Nuendo 7 and MOTU AVB on Mac Problem

2012 Mac 8-core w/ 10.9.5 OS. Using MOTU 16A AVB interface. Nuendo 7 or 6.5.

The problem is that when I setup the 16A for I/O, the counter and cursor move in play but no meters present on any active channels and no sound. I can go back to my old PCI-424 interface and it works fine. I can open the same project in Cubase 6/8.5 and it plays fine with the audio I/O set to the 16A interface, and also works fine with the old OCI-424 interface. All other audio programs seem to be working properly with the new 16A interface (Peak, ProTools, etc.).

This leads me to believe that there is something in Nuendo that is stopping the interface from working. I especially find the lack of channel meters missing in Play as strange. As a last resort, I am in the process of upgrading my OS to 10.10 in hopes that it might fix the problem.

Update: Installed Mac OS 10.10 and no change. Cubase 8.5 works while Nuendo 7 does not!

Created a new Mac OS 10.10 disk, installed the MOTU AVB drivers for the 16 A, then installed Nuendo 7. Nothing else! The exact same problem where there is no meter activity but the cursor and time move during play. This is a definite BUG since it works fine with Cubase 6/8.5!

Quick addition: Wavelab 9 doesn’t work either. I get a message telling me that I have to configure the interface properly, which is already done. So the final is that MOTU 16A works with Cubase 6/8.5 but not with Nuendo 6.5/7 or Wavelab 9.

Found out that all versions of MOTU AVB software from version 2 on have problems with 2012 Mac Pros and Macbook Pro Mid 2012 with version 1 Thunderbolt. It is still odd that Cubase 6-8 have no problem with the newer MOTU AVB software in these same computers. Still think it is some kind of Steinberg bug, but I at least have a work around.