BUG: Nuendo Logical Editor does not calculate Length condition based on seconds properly

When looking for Notes of a certain length (on less, bigger than and within range) to filter out for processing, Nuendo Logical Editor processes Notes that are outside of the range it’s supposed to process.

See attached screenshot. The selected note is 352ms long. The Logical editor is set to process notes within the range 402-519 ms. Still, the affected noted will be processed.

If the note lenght is set to ignore below 482 (= 80ms higher offset than the designated range), it will be ignored as should. But that is not consistent. If I want to ignore a value less than 500, I need to offset with 100ms (ignore below 600).

After some investigation, it seems the offset will have to increase with the increase of the project tempo. The higher tempo, the more offset it needs to be to calculate based on seconds. It’s completely pointless to have filtering by seconds if it’s based on the project tempo, so this has to be treated as a bug.

This kills my entire idea of fixing the timing of inconsistent Kontakt libraries, so please consider adding this as a priority in the backlog.

All the best,

A similar bug, if you want to move an event’s position to a specific bar, it becomes unpredictable once the target bar number is higher than 2000 or so.
A practical application: Let’s say you want to make sure that your cycle marker begins precisely at bar 1. If the project’s bar offset is set at 3000, LE will miscalculate the position.

And BTW, Nuendo won’t accept a bar offset higher than 5000.