BUG: Nuendo won't remember window position if 0 pixels from screen's edge on macOS Catalina

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a MIDI track.
  2. Record/Draw a MIDI event.
  3. Open a Key Editor displaying the contents of the event.
  4. Move the Key Editor window to a position where it’s upper and left window frames are completely snapped to the edge of the screen.
  5. Close the Window.
  6. Re-open the MIDI part.
  7. Observe that the window’s position is not where you last left it.

As a contrast:

  1. Follow step 1-4 above.
  2. Move the window so that the left and top window frames are a couple of pixels from the screen edge.
  3. Follow 5-6.
  4. Observe that the Window is now in the position where you last moved it to.

Expected behaviour: Nuendo should always remember the last window position.
Actual behaviour: Nuendo will only remember the window position if it’s 0< pixels from screen edge.

Nuendo 11.0.41
macOS 10.15.7