Bug of just a wrong button?

Hi, I’ve got Cubase artist 13 for 2 weeks now, and all of a sudden I do not have the numbers above the track anymore, and when I hit the play button, the track plays, but it looks like it’s glitching of something. Is this just a button I accidentaly hit of is it a bug? and how can it be fixed?
Thanx in advance
see attached image.

First I have to say that I’m not expert in using Cubase.
But: if you zoom in and out, do the numbers reappear?
Is your computer in dark mode? Hmm…not sure that Windows has a dark mode, but if it does, maybe try switching it to light mode?

The events (tracks) looks empty, meaning no audio
Do you mean the name of the event, in the start of the event?

I know it looks empty, bur there are actually recorded tracks and I can play them, it’s just the image that fails. I tried to upload a video, bu the file was to big :confused:

Zoom out, please!



Ctrl + Scroll Down to zoom out

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The zoom thingy on bottom right is waveform zoom

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