Bug on C12 - off-line processing

Hi, since C12, off-line treatment pitch correct is not usable when time correction selected , the sound disappears instead to adjuse the pitch and a white noise appears in the debute. Realy boring, am i alone with this problem? i thought the update 12.030 will resolve this but it is not the case

Not at my DAW right now so I can’t check for you, but you might want to try selecting the elastique algorithm and see if you have the same issue. There seem to be some problems with the MPEX algorithm.

i tried all algorytmes , same problem…

No problem from my end, Pitch Correct works very well with all the algorithms.
Please try to find what is causing the issue precisely, this is obviously not Pitch Correct.

Hi Louis. Did you try pitch shifting more than 11 semitones with the MPEX? Most people are reporting they can’t.