Bug on showing button sidechain


I’ve a weird bug. To activate sidechain, I have to righ click on channel, click on activate side chain. After that :astonished: the size of policy “STRIP” grow like … few pixel.
Never, I’ve the button SC appears on strip compressor.

But, it’s work fine.

I spent lot of time to find how to activate the SC !!

I can not understand where is the problem

I’m on PRO 10.6 (it was the same problem in 10.5).

Help and stay saff, do not go outside please.


Could you be more precise in the description or make a video screen recording, please?

Where do you right-click to activate the Side-chain, please?. To a plug-in window? What plug-in do you use? What do you mean by the “policy strip”, please? Do you mean the plug-in header?


Yes of course, screenshots are more usefull to understand :smiley:
I do a right click directly on strip, compressor.

The size of font “STRIP”. (sorry, that wrong translastion with police in french).


Thank you for the screenshot. Now I know, what you mean. You mean the font of the “STRIP” tab name itself.

Yes, I can confirm this issue.

Yes exactly. Sorry, my english need to be improv ! I’m not clear.

I’m not sure to understand the issue when you said I mean the four of the strip. what do you mean “the four” ?



I’m sorry, the autocorrection was working against me there (I fixed it). It should be: You mean the font of the “STRIP” tab name itself.

Haha !! yes I confirm so, this is the font will change when I active SIDECHAIN on the channel. And no button SC appears on the compressor. Do you have an idea what is the bug ?

Thx a lot for your support.


You are right, the SC button is missing in the MixConsole since Cubase 10.0. The button is available in the Channel Settings Window though. I reported this to Steinberg.

ok !! I’m not crazy :slight_smile: thank you very much !!!