Bug on VST Connect Pro 5.5.10 ADR rec-mode stucks


i had a testing with VST Connect Pro and a studio in the switzerland causes the problem that the rec-mode of the adr system stucks. I can see the ADR-Counterbar in the middle, but nuendo does not start the record. Rehearse- and review-mode are running perfectly.

Any suggestions on the cause of this issue?

Greetings, Joe

Welcome. What are you doing exactly? If you use neither preview nor rehearse, do you use the ADR panel record button, or transport record? The Performer track also needs to be record enabled, then the system shoud record, no? If not, what exactly does or does not happen? Do the record buttons in transport and ADR panel turn red? Any details help, thanks.

I used the record button in the ADR panel. it turns red and the target track get record enabled, too. But it won’t start running the playback and record at all. Recording with the transport-record works fine and the other ADR panel mode like rehearse and review works fine as well.

Nuendo system:
Windows 11 with 32gb memory and nuendo 11.0.41 + VST Connect Pro 5.5.10

Performer system:
Windows 10 with Performer 5.5.10

Thanks. That looks weird indeed, we have our experts investigating it.
Ar you sure this is related to VST Connect at all? Or does the same mystery apply w/o VST Connect?

Even our experts cannot inagine how to reproduce this. Again, it would help to know if this is a problem specific to VST Connect.

I check this today and this issue seams to be a problem with my session. I removed all vst connect channels and plugins and the record more in the adr panel does not work at all. Transport record is not affected on this and this issue is limited to one specific session. But it was a blank session template we use and everything works fine. Maybe i have to switch this thread into the nuendo forum.