bug on window size and position

when using the playing technique graphic editor, i encounter a problem when importing a graphic ( both with .png and .svg format), the graphic edition windows enlarge and exceed my screen size, and i can’t no longer accede to the ok button that is normally on the bottom, so the program get blocked, and i am obliged to kill the session…
i succeeded once, but since this first attempt, i can’t modify this to adjust the size

last question today, why i can’t attach my dorico file to this post? (found!)

trouble with pyaing technique graph.zip (336 KB)

You can attach Dorico files here if you zip them first.

Thanks Peter for the attachment info, but in found it also in screening the forum!

Jean-Francois, we’ve fixed the problem with the imported graphic causing the dialog to get larger in advance of the next update.

Thanks Daniel for your quick examination