BUG ? - Opening a Channel opens a different channel

Hi, Is this a known bug ?

In a typical Project template I have roughly 8/10 different Reverb sends set up, all routed to a Master Reverb group.

I open Mixconsole - Press the button to open up the Inserts panel on one of the Reverb Sends - instead of opening that channel it opens the Reverb Master Group. So i close it, then open the same send channel and only then does it open the right channel.

Has anyone noticed this or can think why that would be happening ?

Ps- It keeps on happening and i can repeat it, it is not simply a mistake.


There’s some weird stuff going on. Sometimes the first plugin gui from the FX channel is opened (nice), sometimes the channel edit window of that FX channel (not so nice). Haven’t found the logic behind yet.

Maybe it is a click/hold function as opposed to a short single click.