Bug: Opening Mastersection

Hey PG,

I have an encountred a strange Bug.
When opening a Mastersction Preset I get this error message no matter if I am in Audio- or Batchmenu.
I have to manually open a Mono-Audiofile, then load the identical Mastersection Preset the
it opens up correctly.

Would you please get that fixed?


This is not a bug (I think). This means that you try to insert a plugin that can only accept a mono input, when the Master Section is configured in stereo (number of meters).


Well, I don`t even know how to reconfigure the Master-Section manually without consulting the Manual :nerd:

Would you mind reconfiguring this automatically giving the User a note ‘Master-Section is being set to Mono/Stero’?’
Thank you!


This can’t be made automatic: this is your choice to choose a mono or stereo file as input.
When a file is opened (which is not the case on your picture), you can simply press Play to configurate the Master Section.
Or you can use this: