Bug or am I doing this wrong?

In DP you have a “Shift Tool” where you can move anything by a set amount of beats, ticks, samples, whatever.

I realize Cubase doesn’t have this… So I found an alternative that does the trick. If you select something, I have a quick key that goes to the info line and selects the beat part of the “Start Time Section” then I hit “+” on my numeric keypad.

That pulls up a “Add Time” little menu. It’s great because then I can just type in the beats/ticks/etc and it moves.

HOWEVER, if I hit “-” to subtract (or in this case add a negative amount) it STILL moves the event forward.

If I select the MEASURE section of that info area, and do a negative amount, then it does what I want and moves it backwards… but Most of the time I don’t move measures i’m moving beats or small amounts like ticks.

Is this some sort of bug? Or am I doing something wrong? Is there another way to simply grab an event or even a single midi note and tell it to move backwards 2 beats?



Can’t answer your question, but I use shortcut keys to do this sort of thing. Ctrl-LeftArrow and Ctrl-RightArrow move the selected parts (or events) by the amount indicated by the GridType selector (Bar, Beat or Quantize). I shift things around like this quite often so I also have two shortcut keys dedicated to changing the GridType up and down, and another two for changing the Quantize value up and down (in my case, F9, F10, Alt-F9, Alt-F10 respectively).


Have you tried ‘nudge’ ?

Right, I thought about that method. But seemingly the smallest amount you can shift would be a 1/128th note. Which yes, its pretty small, but often I find myself wanting to shift things just ever so slightly, like 10 ticks or 15 ticks. And it would be easy if the subtracting actually subtracted. It’s so weird that it adds time even though it’s negative.

It just seems like such a basic function - moving selected notes/events to whatever amount you want. why is it limited to set increments like 1/8th note 16th note. etc.

Just thought about this, what if you weren’t working to a grid?? what does one do to move things around slightly?

You set the transport up for minutes and seconds…Not bars and beats.
Then you can Nudge in milliseconds.

The nudge commands follow the ruler and grid type, (not the transport); the smallest increment available is 1 sample regardless of the Projects sample rate- e.g., at 192k there are 192,000 increments per second. :wink:

The ruler can be set independently of the transport, so you can leave the transport on bars and beats, and change the ruler display format. Also, you can add a ruler track with various display formats too.

Gotchya. makes sense, although it sucks to have the extra step to have to change the ruler back and forth, but it makes sense.

However my original post was about moving events/midi notes/etc. by a specific amount. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

Lets say, I want to move this event back 3 beats and 147 ticks. How would you do that?

I think it’s a bug because the answer to that if I wanted to move it FORWARD would be to click on the Start Time in the Info Bar, click on the Beat, hit “+” to “Add Time” then I would type in 3 beats and 147 ticks. DONE. easy peasy.

But if you want to move it BACKWARDS, one would think you can go to the “Add Time” function, his “-” then type 3 beats and 147 ticks. But in my Cubase and on another rig I tested, to STILL moves it forward!

Oddly, and it would be awesome if someone could just quickly check this, but if you type in the “-” and enter a Measure, THEN it actually goes backwards…

So if you want to move things backwards beyond a bar, you’re cool… but like I said, if you want to move an event backwards by x amount within a bar… it doesn’t work as you’d think…

Many thanks everyone! Sorry if this is a bit confusing…


I guess I would open the Logical Editor to a preset like Standard Set 1 - push back - 4 and adjust it on the fly.

I see the same behavior. Also, thanks for mentioning this, (hitting plus with the start pos. highlighted in the infoline.) I didn’t know about it. sounds like something I would use if it worked the same in both directions.

One would think that it should work the way you expected to, so it’s definitely worth a Issue Report.

still seems overly complicated to do a very simple task… but I guess if the “add time” function worked properly, I wouldn’t have an issue…

How do I make an Issue Report?

No problem! It also works in the transport. You can “add time” to where the cursor is and move it any distance. I’m going to see if the negative bug works in the main transport when I get home. Maybe it’s a workaround to type in negative 3 beats and 147 ticks (in my example above) then do a “Locate to cursor” KC.

In the Issue Reports Forum Read this first:How to report a problem with Cubase

Yeah, I tried that right away. Same as the info line. :frowning:

done and done!

Sorry, my bad. Not at my DAW tonight.

Thanks Steve for correcting me :wink: