(???) Bug or Bad Design: Quick Control values not saved

It’s stated in the user manual, p. 338:

  • Quick control assignments are saved with the current project.

But it doesn’t state their respective values are saved, although I believe it is quite obvious that they should be saved as well. Nonetheless try this:

  1. Create a MIDI Track;.
  2. Assign the first Track Inspector Quick Control slot to a CC (i.e. CC 11);
  3. Move the Quick Control to an arbitrary value;
  4. Save the project;
  5. Open the saved project: the Quick Control value has reset to default value (0).

It’ll also reset to the default value of any VSTi the track is routed to.

Please, Steinberg, can you confirm this behavior and put this in the bug base, as it it seems quite easy to fix, yet really annoying bug?


Confirmed (29251)

Thank you ceanganb,

Thank you very much JHP. By the way, isn’t there a chance for a quickfix?, since it must be very simple, yet, like I said, quite restrictive.

Yes, quicker fix please!!!

since 1 week i demo cubase 7.

got the same problem 3 years later, but the quick control value is now reset to 100, after open a saved project.

or i do something wrong?

not possible to use the quick controls without writing the parameter via automation?

As far as I recall, we have NEVER been able to recall the carefully set QC, which had rendered it useless imo.

Now that I was ready to utilize QC again in C7 with a new midi controller, I am disappointed to find this in my QC search. So the stuff I set up yesterday, making a little “surface” for my JUNO plug-in. It was a waste of time?