Bug or feature: render in place not working without parts?

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given an instrument track with Reaktor and one of its groove box ensembles loaded which do not need any midi parts/events to play since it plays if the host (Cubase) plays back.

No I want to render this track to audio using the new “render in place” functionality in C8. Unfortunately “render in place” does not work with tracks without any part or event on it. Even the “render in place setup” dialog does not appear (both via shortcut and edit menu).

In addition I just discovered that “render in place” also does not work for frozen tracks.

Is it a bug or a feature?:wink:

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Ok, the manual explaines the above mentioned behavior as a feature;-)

But IMHO it would be a nice enhancement for future updates of C8 to allow “render in place” also for frozen tracks since track freeze is sometimes not only used for saving resources but also for saving unpredictable sonic results of plug-ins producing a different sound each time you play back your track.




Let’s call it a “bug” so that there is some hope it will get addressed. Only kidding, Steinberg. :smiley:

Can you just draw in one looooonnnnggg dummy midi note then RIP?

Can you just draw in one looooonnnnggg dummy midi note then RIP?

Or can’t you just create an empty event?

That works! Easy fix to copy and paste MIDI luckily. My MIDI file was locked in freeze, this is definitely a bug though. None of my other tracks would render in place, even the ones that weren’t frozen. Thank you old forum.