BUG or Intended: Read-enabled MIDI tracks ignore MIDI Sends > MIDI Control


1.) empty session
2.) instantiate any Track Instrument (TI)
3.) add a MIDI track, assigned to that TI
4.) insert MIDI Control on the MIDI track; turn it on and point it to the TI
5.) set the cc1 value the MIDI Control plug to anything
6.) make sure the MIDI Track’s READ button is off
7.) play around with transport and cc1 from a controller or just print some test data on the MIDI track
8.) starting and stopping should prove the plug to be working
9.) Enable the READ button on the MIDI track

BOOM - no more data is being pushed from the plug

This recipe is consistent, whether the instrument is internally hosted or in VEP etc.

Is this intended behavior, or BUG?

Happening here too. Exactly as described.