Bug or misprint?

I found a couple more things that don’t behave as advertised. Don’ know if the doc is just wrong or if it’s a bug.

  1. In Daniels pegged FAQ thread, it says

How do I change the pitch of notes I’ve entered?
To change the pitch of a selected note, use Alt+up/down arrow. Use Ctrl+Alt+up/down arrow to transpose by octaves. Use Shift+Alt+up/down arrow to change the pitch by a smaller amount, normally a half-step (semitone).

If I select a note, Alt + up or down does in fact move the pitch up and down the scale. Very nice. Shift+Alt + up r down does move semitones.

CTL+ ALT plus down inverts the entire screen. Fortunately, CTL+ALT+ up rotates it again. Is this an Easter Egg?

Anyone else get this effect?

Not an easter egg, but a Windows feature with certain graphics adapters and can be disabled :slight_smile:

EDIT: For the Surface Pro, the shortcuts are handled by an app called iRotate which launches with W. From it’s icon in the taskbar one can either close it for the session, or set it not to load automatically as W. starts. It can be started manually at any time.

This is something that has been heavily discussed among Windows users in the early days of Dorico… I’ll try to find the thread.