Bug? Or missing feature - Feature request

I have noticed that the “track delay” in the inspector only works during playback of audio tracks… but it does not work while using the “monitor” button on a track to monitor a real time signal.

I don’t know if the programmers were unaware of the issue… but it seems to me that track delay should work while monitoring in real time also. This would be a big help to me. Maybe there is some way to make it work that I am unaware of… I don’t know.


Something wrong with your setup if you need track delay during monitor. It works as it should, no bug. Maybe explaining the specific problem would help.

Ok… I have an external synth that I am controlling via MIDI. It has a single mono output. I create one mono track and monitor that… I pan it left. Then I create a duplicate track - also with monitor enabled… then I pan that one right.

Now, if I add a track delay to one side, I get a nice stereo image (once I record the file). I want to be able to monitor that stereo image in real time so I can adjust the delay time prior to recording the tracks (because I am still adjusting the MIDI as I write the song). I could use a delay plugin, but most have feedback controls, etc… and all I want is a single copy with absolutely no feedback but slightly delayed. Also, track delay lets me adjust to the hundredth of a millisecond… and it does this delay without any coloration or other effect whatsoever.

What else does this?

Well, I’m using a delay plugin for now… but it seems strange that it doesn’t just work with the track delay - and the plugin takes up an extra insert slot.

Most hardware digital mixers do this, such as my Tascam DM3200. Normally used to compensate for mic placement, but it could be used for a fake stereo image, as the OP wants.