bug or weird behavior (plz confirm) 6.05

Hey. I noticed 2 anoying things in cubase 6.05 and maybe in older version (I didn’t chek). the 1st one is when you do multitrack quantizing and some channels are linked in the mixer, the linked channels will be off phase after you quantized. here’s how to do it:

  1. take a drum recording (or any multitrack instruments) with multiple tracks and put them in a folder
  2. take over head left and right and link them in the mixer
  3. enable group editing on your drum folder as you would usually do to quantize
  4. set your hitpoints on any of the tracks
  5. open quantize panel, slice then quantize
  6. solo over head left and right and you’ll find out that they’re not in phase.

it only happens when channels are linked in the mixer but it gave me a big headacke.

the second bug or anoying behavior is when you have a track with sends and the output of the track goes in a group track. If you solo the group track, you’ll hear the track but not the sends of the track.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. add an fx track with a big obvious delay
  2. take any audio track and put the delay on a send and make it wet so we can hear it
  3. create a goup track
  4. set the output of the audio track to the group we just created
  5. solo the group and you should hear the audio track without the delay

is this normal behavior because I find it a little anoying. thx a lot!


Your second example is normal behavior. When you solo the group channel, all other channels are muted (expected). If you want to hear the FX channel, you can solo it as well. You could also, Solo Defeat that FX channel and it will never mute.

For your second example you can activate the send on the group, too. I do this for drum groups to get my snare reverb.

The first one is really strange, I’m not in the studio right now, so I can’t confirm…

thx guys! I’d like to see some confirmations for the 1st bug now … to make sure it’s not only me.