BUG: Padshop Browser not showing results when filtering….

I found a bug in Padshop that makes browsing for specific patches extremely frustrating / unusable. Let me start by explaining how browsing for presets works for other Steinberg synths.

Load Steinberg’s Prologue synth for example. Now select the preset browser in the plugin (bar on the top) and make sure that your location tree and filters are on (square on the bottom left). Now you will see that the preset browser has two windows; on the left is the Location tree / filters browser in which you can click on specific attributes to help narrow in on the preset sound you want. On the right of this window is the actual search results, which are updated as you select different attributes. For example, if you select “bass” and “pop” on the left, you are left with the “wire cutter” preset on the right. Select this preset on the right, and it loads. GREAT!!
Browser Prologue.png
Now do the exact same process for Padshop - select the preset browser in the plugin, make sure your location tree and filters are on, but instead of giving you the preset browser on the right, its JUST THE FILTERS.
Browser Padshop Pro.jpg
This makes the browser extremely frustrating! So in order to only “bass patches” in a padshop for example, I first click on the preset list. Then I have to click on the small window icons on the bottom left part of the preset list, and then I have to select the “filters” tab to activate it - then select “bass” from the category list. However, since the browser is not loading on the right, I cannot load patches from this view! VERY FRUSTRATING!!

Hopefully this bug can be fixed so padshop’s browser remains open while you filter presets, making it so you can actually load what you want. I have no idea why this doesn’t work currently as it seems to be a major problem that I would have hoped would have been fixed. Maybe I’m the first to point it out, or maybe there is something wrong with the mac version?

Any help would be appreciated, even if its just confirming this behavior and that a fix will be in the works. Thank you.