[BUG] Panner V5: Radius & Orbit automation

I’m working using 8 channel busses, and the V5 Panner is still screwy, plus there are still no automation options for Radius and Orbit listed in the parameter menu.

Radius, Orbit, and Rotate Signal are clearly doing three different things, however:

1. Radius and Orbit data don’t show up on dedicated automation tracks, also missing from automatable parameter menu.

2. I can write automation in real-time using the dials, but Orbit data appears to be writing to the same automation track as Rotate Signal.

3. When I write Radius automation, it doesn’t show up at all.

4. When data from Orbit is added to the Rotate signal automation track it results in broken automation data lines.

There also appears to be some issue with the three operating simultaneously, as if they are interfering with each other somehow.