Bug? Part start and end value cannot be increased

PC, C Pro 12.0.40

MIDI part start or end value cannot be increased.

  1. Create Chord track, create some chord events on chord track and put some chords in them (no X)
  2. Create a MIDI track
  3. Select chord events and drag’n’drop them onto MIDI part
  4. Set ruler of project to “Seconds”
  5. select one of the newly created midi parts, go to the Info line
  6. try to increase either the start or end value in the info line with the mouse (mouse click + up or down; mouse wheel)
    => You can only decrease the value but not increase it.

Switch ruler to any other settings and the behaviour returns to expected.

Would be happy if somebody can check if it can be reproduced.

Addendum: It is way more complicated than described above.
It happens only if you change the last value with the mouse (the decimals x:xx:xx.NNN)
and it is tempo dependent:

Tempo Track has to be activated.
Set tempo to 125bpm, signature to 4/4;
The restriction starts at position 0:00:04.910. Events before that position can be chnaged normally.

At tempo 111 the bug starts from position 0:00:08.587
However, on another project it starts at 0:00:27.427 on 111bpm.

I cannot reproduce it, but then I am not really sure if I did everything correctly… do you have an example project?

Hi fese,
thanks for taking a look. Try this one, please.
!!!MoveIt.cpr (267.4 KB)

Yep, can reproduce, also with a new empty project. It’s really hard to reproduce as it is tempo and location dependent, and maybe range dependent (I haven’t really been able to reproduce it with 120bpm).
This is seriously weird. Not something I’m personally going to lose sleep over tbh, but not very reassuring…

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I agree, this is not game breaking. I reported it to bring it to Steinberg’s attention. The behaviour is so weird, it shows there is something not quite correct somehwere.