Bug - Parts don't respond well with some macros - Macro won't carry through past 'New Track Version'

-locate selection start
-snap point to cursor
-new track version

will work on audio events, but not parts.

confirm anyone?

I’ll give it a try tomorrow. What is this for? Maybe simpler to just:
New track version
Paste origin (not the same as move to origin!)

Then you aren’t adjusting the snap point if you don’t need to, and the part stays in its place from where you copied it in the timeline. (Not like move to origin which moves it to its original time stamped location…)
Anyway, maybe you need those other steps in your macro for something specific.

Good tip thank you! I did indeed think paste origin would be same as move to origin.

I will see if this by any chance somehow fixes things

I think I found the problem which is sort of unrelated but somehow related: