BUG: pasting channels results in odd panner settings

Nuendo 5.5

This BUG is very easily reproducible.

  1. create a session with a mono channel and a stereo channel

  2. put any plugin on the mono channel (i used steinberg mod delay)

  3. copy the mono channel’s settings (copy icon in lower left column of mixer)

  4. select BOTH mono and stereo channels

  5. paste (paste icon in lower left column of mixer)
    – stereo channel’s panner goes to center (mine panners are set to STEREO COMBINED PANNER); left channel goes to center, right channel goes to center, this is not useful.

  6. copy the stereo channel and paste it to the mono channel
    – panner goes from center to left, this is not useful.

-This panner behavior on paste is not desirable, especially when you’re pasting to multiple channels, cause now you’ve got to go back and manually change EVERY panner which could be a lot of panners.

-pasting a mono channel to a stereo channel changes the behavior of insert plugins, ie they will operate STEREO, so panning the stereo channel to center is not the same experience and thus typically results in an UNDESIRABLE sonic outcome.

-pasting a stereo channel to mono and panning it fully left is UNDESIRABLE.

Desired result:
Allow the option to not modify panner settings on paste or create some more useful logic in determining panner behavior on paste then currently exists.

Good finding, and confirmed. Exotic though :slight_smile:

I think the result could be:

  1. Paste mono to stereo: Full panorama on the panner, plugins stay mono
  2. Paste stereo to mono: Centered.

Or a dialog box when copying non-matching channel settings.