BUG: Pasting Dynamics in Divisi

I have a few divisi strings.
I copy the ff under the top A in the 2nd bar.
I mark all the A’s underneath it.

I paste:

The dynamic isn’t pasted for all the parts…

This is actually working as designed, for the time being: copy and paste in Dorico works on a per-instrument basis, not on a per-staff basis, so when you paste across a bunch of different instruments, the item will be pasted only once per instrument. There are some special cases that allow you to paste a single item from e.g. the right-hand staff of the piano to the left-hand, but in general items an item will only be pasted onto a single staff of an instrument.

Well… this might be by design, but it’s definitely not the correct behavior.
I obviously want my dynamics pasted across all strings, no matter how many divisi, because… that’s what one would expect in any orchestral score.
When you have the violin with a 6-part divisi (especially if in homophonic rhythms), every staff should get a dynamic marking (of course you know this!). So how can this be by design?

For now, Michael, you’ll have to use Alt+click to paste the dynamics onto the other staves in the divisi section, I’m afraid.

Michael, from what I can see you’re not really using the divisi feature to its full potential: the (admittedly minimal) example you’ve given shows what is essentially a bunch of duplicated tutti writing.

If you let Dorico do its thing, and start off typing this stuff into a single tutti stave, and then tell it you want it to display as Divisi, you’d halve your workload.