Bug: Pasting lyrics with tuplets shifts lyrics

I’m finishing up a liturgical piece with tuplets in the melody. When option-clicking lyrics into the harmony staves below, DP2 is shifting lyrics at the tuplet ahead one note progressively (see screenshot)… any insight?

See https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=139995#p754154

This is not a bug, it’s a different design. You have to select the number of the tuplet along with the lyrics AND enable chord mode (q)

w’okay then. Not sure I buy the logic but now I know. Thanks, Marc.

It’s surely a bug, or at least a limitation. Just one for which there is a workaround. Or is there some logic that I’m missing here?

Dear Randy,
It is not a bug. It is the way the tuplets are designed in Dorico that make this operation (a simple one in other programs) a little bit more complicated. But that design is the one that allows any tuplet to be nested, to cross bars… in such a perfect (mathematically speaking) way. Once you understand why you have to select the tuplet thing and why press q (otherwise it replaces whatever notes were there), this all makes sense. I admit the devs could try and find a nice way to make it more straightforward for the users, when they have time I’m confident they will. But I repeat, this is really not a bug (which would lead to unexpected behavior).

Sure, don’t get me wrong. I don’t think this is a big deal. And I understand that it is a consequence of how tuplets work in Dorico, something that has delighted me on several occasions.

But of course every bit of functionality – whether it’s bug or feature, intended or unintended – emerges from the way the program works. My point was simply that this particular behaviour doesn’t look to me like it was designed deliberately to work this way. That’s why I asked if there was some logic that I hadn’t appreciated.

So this is what I am missing! I understand that the workaround is necessary, but I don’t (yet) understand why…

I could say that’s because the tuplet thing is not a property that belongs to the note. It’s the note that belongs to the tuplet. So the lyric that goes with a tuplet note has to belong to the tuplet too. I’m not sure I’m making that clearer, I probably should let Daniel answer that !!!