BUG: Patch Names: Inspector List - MultiTimbral Config.

Hi all,

Possibly this has been asked and dealt with previously - my search did not reveal anything of use…

When using HS as multitimbral device; is it possible to call up the patch names via the Cubase inspector, not the media bay of HS?

I’ve noticed this recently, that I only pick up the 1st patch name e.g. if I have piano (Ch1), bass(Ch3) and guitar(Ch4) - looking at the inspector on all channels only the “piano” name will appear?

BUG alert… BUG alert… :exclamation:

I have since posting attempted to reproduce the same scenarios with HALion 3 and HALion 4 - both work as expected.

  • load instruments (F11)
  • create midi tracks e.g. 3
  • load 3 different patches from within HALion (3/4) itself (mediabay or old explorer)
  • repeat with HALion Sonic and HSE
  • from inspector select, firstly HALion (3 or 4) then the HSonic (or E)
  • attempt to select and manage patches from inspector
  • notice the different behavior ??

Sounds like a bug to me. It’s certainly not how I would expect it to behave, and it makes using the inspector worthless (and indeed worse than that, actually misleading to anyone who’s not confident enough with the software to work around such an issue)


  1. Create a new blank project
  2. Go to Devices > VST Instruments and create a Halion Sonic SE.
  3. Create 16 MIDI tracks (channels 1-16) and route them to the Halion Sonic SE.
  4. Go to the inspector for Track 1 (channel 1) and change the patch from the list that appears.
  5. Select a different MIDI track.

Observed Behaviour:
The Inspector displays the patch selected for MIDI channel 1, regardless of the track being on another MIDI channel. In addition, if the patch is initially set using HSSE’s UI instead of via the inspector, that patch is NOT reported in the Inspector.

Expected Behaviour:
The Inspector should display the patch for the MIDI channel of the selected track.

Windows 7 32-bit, Cubase 6.0.7.
Windows 7 64-bit, Cubase 6.5.3.

…exactly… :exclamation: :confused:

In my experience, unless you change the thread title to [Bug] then it won’t get viewed or acknowledged. I actually only found this by a search (Google, as the forum search is totally useless), otherwise I usually just stay in the Cubase area. I’m not sure how much traffic this part of the site gets, so unsure as to whether it’ll get recognised. Whether it’s an issue with Cubase or HSSE is unknown as the two go hand in hand…

Thanks - agree on all counts, the search function is bad, but I ascribe that partially to sloppy subject use by us, forum users.

I did pose the question my the local agent, who replied saying that Steinberg are aware of the issue, and are working on it… 1.7?

I thnk this is more a HS and HSE issue, as H3 and H4 work fine.

… C’mon Steiny… what’s happening?

Despite the latest patch, I can safely report that this annoyance has not been fixed…grr

For those that are skipping the details, effectively there’s a disconnect between the Cubase Inspector program names and the HS program names. Changes in one do not neatly translate, try it for yourself.