BUG!! - Playhead + Tempo Edits = Scroll Jerking

Hello my friends,

  1. Press play. Listen. Enjoy your music for a moment.
  2. You hear a tempo ritardando problem. You stop playback at bar 20.
  3. You zoom in on bar 16… the playhead cursor is still on bar 20.
  4. You start fine-tuning your less than stunningly beautiful ritard on the tempo track.
  5. @#^$#^!!!

Result: The sequencer’s view position jerks to where the playhead is the second I move a tempo “dot”.
FYI: “Suspend auto-scroll when editing” is checked. “Editing” just doesn’t include the tempo track. :open_mouth:
How I feel about it: This happens consistently every time I try it. I’m surviving, but I hyperventilate sometimes cause of it.

The good news is, I… Sean… the guy who was tired of Steinberg (sorry, but it’s true) for years… and jumped ship to Studio One… but was towed back to Cubase 9.5 by a friend who bought me the update for Christmas, just to prove I’d like it… AM UTTERLY IN LOVE with these curves. They are even more intelligent than Studio One’s curves. Well-freaking-done folks! Geez. Well done! Did I say well done? The curves rock. I’m sure the MIDI folks would love them in the piano roll… and in the tempo track… me being one of such folk. But seriously, the curves rock. Mucho mucho amazingness! Maybe I have an addiction to curves. hmmm…

Sean :ugeek: