*bug?* please confirm-acoustic feedback not follow transpose

Hi , I am using Cubase 6.0.4
I believe I have found a bug in the Midi key editor regarding acoustic feedback:

1- create a mid track and direct its output to a vst instrument.
2- create a midi part in the above track, double click to open key editor
3- activate acoustic feedback
4- add midi transformer plugin , keep transpose to 0
5- add notes using the pen in the key editor … the pitch you hear is the correct pitch of the note ( so far transpose = 0)

6- change the transpose value to lets say + 1
7- add notes using the pen ==> the added note you hear is NOT at the transposed pitch … rather its still on transpose = 0

if you click on the pitch in the piano keys in the key editor … you hear that the pitch of the note has been correctly

== > but when you add a note using the pen … you hear the pitch of that note in transpose = 0 … the same happens if you click on any recorded note in the key editor … it does not play at the transposed pitch but at transpose = 0 !

THIS IS VERY ANNOYING!! … I am trying to create a bassline track and I need to hear the transposed notes when I insert it.
It however plays at the correct transpose when you hit the play key in the transport .

Steinberg … if you have a workaround … please explain … otherwise … please log and confirm this bug.

Software QA

You probably made sure already, that “audition through MIDI insert / sends” is enabled, didn´t you…?

Confirmed … NOT A BUG <<<<<<<<

IT works … THANKS A LOT for your help
Glad to see that feature working … I was feeling terrible and unable to work …
I appreciate your help very much.


you’re welcome…