[Bug] Plug-in Processing with REVerence is inconsistent

This was tested and is consistently reproducible on Cubase v6.0.3 and Nuendo v5.4. Win7. It has to do with batch processing multiple audio events/files in the project window with the REVerence plugin.

If you process one audio file with the offline process function (with REVerence), the output sounds clean and fine. No issues. However, if you process more than one audio file, any file processed after the first has inconsistent processing applied to the top of the file. It sounds “over-processed” or overly wet. It is very odd. More importantly, it renders batch processing multiple files with REVerence useless. I have not had one instance where this functioned as it should.

Repro Steps:

  • Create a project
  • Add an audio track
  • Add a number of different audio files on the same track
  • Select them all
  • Right click them and go to the plugins folder
  • Find REVerence and select it
  • Set the Wet/Dry parameter inside REVerence to about 50/50
  • Process the files
  • Note that the first file (furthest to the left in the project window) sounds as it should
  • Note that any additional files processed have an “over-processed” effect for about a half a second or so at the top of the file. It only lasts for about a half a second, but there is a distinct pop when the effect goes away. Obviously, this destroys the fidelity of the files.
  • Note that all files following the first have this issue



I will have a look at it.