BUG: plugin buffer barf

Nuendo 5.5
OSX 10.6.8

Plugin audio buffers are emitted when unbypassed. This is undesirable because it spews unrelated audio contents at arbitrary places into the mix.

Heres a video of it in action…

As you can see, by the track meter, when altiverb 6 is unbypassed its audio buffer is purged onto the track. This audio is unrelated to any audio at the time the unbypass occurs and is “garbage” (unwanted) audio ejected into the mix. This is reproducible with UAD plugins as well (tested EMT 250, 1176). I could not repro this with Steinberg’s VST 3 mono delay, reverence, roomworks se, or VST 2 da tube plugins.

-Why does this occur?

I previously reported this issue here http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=76&t=4521

Nobody finds this to be undesirable and wants to get to the bottom of it? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s interesting, but probably related to the nature of the DSP beast.
I am a little confused though as in the original thread you said it happened with Roomworks, and later it was UAD only (which would point to it being DSP related).

There is a very simple workaround though…use reverbs as send effects when using UAD.
(not to say the issue should not get fixed - it certainly should - but it sounds like a UAD issue to me.

Hey Neil, I think you are somewhat confused. As posted it can be reproduced with UAD 1176 so your workaround would not help. You can repro this behavior on an aux track too. Also, This is not UAD specific due to altiverbs behavior.

Previous thread may have some inaccuracies. With verbs and delays I could have been confused cause they have long tails anyway.

Let stick with this repro and try and find more plugs that experience this.

Can you do me a small favour here?
Would you please send me an NPR file with everything set up to do the repro?
(I have almost all UAD, Altiverb XL etc).

As seen in the repro video you can easily do this from scratch. I’m not sure if saving a session changes it’s behavior.

Would like feedback from SB on this please…

It would really save a lot of time if SB would just provide some feedback here.