Bug: Plugin Delay compensation working?

Hi. I’ve noticed that when using Alecia’s Keys instrument with Kontakt that the instrument is severely lagging, whether you have ‘Contrain Delay compensation’ on or off. I’m in Cubase 6 32 bit mode. Anyone else having this problem with other instruments.

Also I had a crash today with Chris Hein horns. The screen just went ‘poop’!!!

I’m finding Cubase 6 just as buggy as all the previous versions!!! Not impressed!!! May well be moving to Logic or Protools soon!!!

What are your systems spes?


Macbook pro 2.8GHz i7 500gbHD 7200rpm cubase 6 kontakt Alecias Keys library…

Go ahead, do what you have to do…

Do you mean when you are playing the instrument into Cubase or on playback?

The former relates to “Latency”.

I’ve got a Logic buddy with a MacPro…couldn’t get AK to perform well. Ended up just giving up and buying Ivory.

I ran it fine on a 10 year old P4…go figure. :wink: After scarbee issued the fix for latency, that is–there’s a mismapped controller in the original release. I was one of the ones over on Gearslutz that helped him track it down.

Anyway–my point is, it’s a troublesome instrument…and possibly moreso on the OSX side of the house.

I don’t have any problem with it…EXCEPT that I really need it on <128samples for it to feel right under my fingers. I think they’ve built in some extra buffer causing extra latency.

Two tips from getting it to run on an antique computer: turn off the impulse reverb. If you need one–use a send/return (even within Kontakt) instead. Putting it inserted in teh instrument like they designed it adds to the latency. Also turn off the “simulate half pedaling with impulse”–same deal. If you turn both of those off…have the latest 1.2 of AK…then, there’s definitely something up with the OSX version–and it’s NOT Cubase.

I think it’s possibly a problem with Kontakt. Other instruments don’t seem so bad.

Try Kontakt 4.2.2, as I recall a zero latency convolution engine was one of the changes made.


O.K. thanks will try.